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Located in the heart of the countryside, but just outside the city of Lodi, 30km south of Milan, the “Senso Unico” Pub has been for over 20 years a stronghold for the “most rock” Movida in the area.

In 2015 The Brave undertook the place, turning it into an independent pub and offering a selection of high quality food and beverages in “Urban Grill” style, able to conquer all types of palates.

At Senso Unico Pub you’ll find The Brave Brewery’s craft beers, but also a wide selection of Italian and foreign excellences, which we like to propose to our customers and friends.

Come and enjoy your time.

Senso Unico Pub, Frazione Soltarico, 11, 26824 Cavenago d’Adda (LO) – Italy


tel: +39 389 8787 825 | email: