From left to right: Fabio Rossi, Mauro Fusar Poli, Massimo Rossi, Sara Rossi


The adventure of The Brave began in 2016 with the desire to make something unprecedented on the territory of Lodi, in Lombardy, Italy: the founders thus undertook a professional class at the CERB (Centre of Excellence for Research on Beer) of the University of Perugia, culminating in October with the opening of the Artisan Brewery “The Brave”.

Simultaneously, the staff took over a historic brewery “Senso Unico” in Soltarico, turning it into an independent Pub.
Just a few months after the opening, The Brave became nationally famous by conquering the second place at the “Beer Attraction” competition of Rimini with one of the very first products,
Dottor Balanzone beer.


From the very beginning, The Brave attracts the attention of the beer industry experts and amateurs also thanks to the original naming of the beers, which recall the characters of the Italian “Commedia dell’Arte”: in addition to Dottor Balanzone, there are also friends Arlecchino, Colombina, Capitan Fracassa, Pulcinella, Scaramuccia and Gianduja

…and then Pigia, Holi Ipa and O.M.K, which come alive online and on original gadgets with an exclusive hand-made design: the right mix between Italian and international spirit, to bring the artisan quality and the pride of Made in Italy all over the world.



The world lies in the hands of those that have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams – Paulo Coelho.

This beautiful phrase by Coelho embodies the spirit of the Artisan Brewery The Brave, born from the courage – and a strain of madness – of its founders, but at the same time supported by a long path of study, research and testing: first for the choice of the production plants, then for the development of the recipes, in a constant search for excellence. That’s why we chose a Zen Wolf as our logo: it is a symbol of courage and spirit of adventure, but also of experience and reliability.